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14 Fields -  6 huge fields are set in mature forest: Bunker Hill, Tower, Cemetery, Bridge, Witches Gulch, Tornado. 8 concept fields are set in the open areas: Spectator, The Ruins, Inflatables, Ghost Town, Beach Head, Hyp-Air, and both XBall and NPPL Sup'Air fields..

Our  Hyper-Air [Rubber] Field combines the best of Hyperball and Airball. It consists of 9 Cans 5 in diameter; 48 Snake; Nachos; Dog Houses... a total of 26 Barriers on a 5 on 5 Field. The barriers are bigger then Hyperball, isn't affected by the wind, and is always up.
  • Spectator Field is a 150 x 130 foot stand up speedball field separated from the parking area by a safety net making for excellent spectator viewing. Has lights for night games.
  • Our 4th lit field is a called The Ruins.  It consists of wood panels 5x7 and larger arranged in apocalyptic wall like patterns.
  • Bunker Hill- Knoll with thirty fox holes, approachable from three sides. Wooded with heavy and thin areas mixed. Great attack/defend field.
  • Tower Field- Old school wooded tourney field 150'x300'.  Mix of big trees, log piles, and flat bunkers.  For big groups works well in conjunction with Bunker Hill & the Ruins Fields to Make a Mega Field.  


Tornado Field- was our first field.  Set on a ridge with huge trees shading out the light made for a perfect flag field where you could work each side of the ridge independently.  In '97 or '98 a Tornado hit it dead center, putting a few of the big trees down.  The resulting pile of debris and extra sunlight made it tough to tame.   But you know what they say- "There ain't nothin too Tough for a Jungle Cat".  

Witch's Gulch- seems to go on forever.  It's the same from one end to the other- thick.  Thank God the Calderon is in there other wise I wouldn't know where I was.  We added two new trails last fall with plenty of switch-backs to deal with yet it is still a hunters field.  

  • Ghost Town- this field offers a church with a bell tower to shoot out of and eight supporting 8x 20 buildings, wagons, water troughs, rain barrels, wood piles... resembling a ghost town street scene. One our favorite places for a Wild west shootout.
  • Beach Head- Imagine your in a LST amphibious landing craft motoring toward the beach. The doors fly open and it's do or die time. You run out into a hail of fire from sand bag bunkers in the wood line. You drop behind cover as rounds fly past you taking out your bud. You crawl behind cover and work you way into position to shoot, pop up and... We play this using a resurrection format- when you get hit, you go back into the LST from the rear, the door opens and you are part of another wave.
  • Cemetery Field- Crosses and tombstones mark the spot on the ridge where fallen comrades and foe gave it their all, and still do. Big trees offer a thick canopy keeping light out and undergrowth down. Large log barriers offer sturdy cover. This field is for the quick or the dead.
  • Tower Field- This does offer a Tower to shoot from, but it's real contribution to paintball is it's forest atmosphere.  The trees are just the right size, and spaced just right- it makes it well balanced.  The middle is clear yet maneuverable.  The backs around the flag stations are more covered- don't just rush in and grab the flag.
  • Bridge Field- play is centered around a low spot in the middle of the forest and the two ismuses on the sides.   Canary grass 4' tall is the prominent plant species in the middle with old growth forest on the sides.  You have to get from one end to the other- around either side or- through it. One of the improvements this year is a widened stream bed. It sure makes the bridge more important.


NPPL Super 7 Sup'Air Ball Field-  this is the one the ESPN boys play on.  52 full size bunkers under lights making this the largest regulation field in the state  [1- 16' Spike,  4- 10' Spikes, 6- 8' Cans,  4- 6' Cans, 4- 5' Temples, 5- 6.5' Doritos, 2- 4.5' Doritos, 2-5x10' Bumpers, 1-5x10' Wedge, 4- 6' Bricks, 6- Tombstones, 4- Giant Tombstones,  9- Giant Beams].  We intend to be a top tournament promoter once again, with highly experienced no crap referees, excellent fields and service.
X Ball Sup'Air Field-  Wisconsin's first.  When you see the 52 Bunkers and 16' X you will realize these are not knock offs or a cheap under size field.  We will set fields up to match upcoming national events.   Includes:  1-16' X, 4- 7' X, 4- Tombstones, 4- 6' Cans, 4- 6.5' Doritos, 4- 4.5' Doritos, 10- 5' Temples, 4- Bricks,  5- Giant Beams, and 12- Cylinders [Tree Kit].



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