Game Formats

These are a list of popular game formats the people have played throughout the years. We are always open to suggestions and our certified personnel are able to make a determination of it's merit so feel free to ask. 

Capture the Flag- we will divide into even teams, each team will have a flag station that the players have to start out within 10í of. The object is to go get the other teamís flag and get it back to your flag in your flag station, within the time limit, without getting hit with a paintball. When you carry a captured flag you must carry it in plain sight. You may hand the flag off or toss it. If it is on the ground more then five seconds the player that tossed it is out, or if you get hit while carrying the flag you are out. In either case, you must return the flag to the station that it was captured from immediately. If you get the other teamís flag back to your flag station and discover you flag is missing, you will have to go get you flag back. Time limit recommendation 5-12 minutes.

Center Flag- this is the same format as Capture the Flag except- there is only one flag in the center of the field. The object is get the flag and bring it back to your flag station. Time limit recommendation 3-7 minutes.

Football- is similar to Center Flag except that the flag in the center has to be put in the other teamís goal to score. Time limit recommendation 3-10 minutes.

Elimination- two equal teams, last team with players on the field wins. This game is timed also so you may be able to hold out for a tie.

Switch- can be played with almost any game format, the twist is every 30-sec. the ref will blow a whistle and everyone has to move to a different position.

Alien- One player is the alien and everyone else are the alien exterminators. The Alien will need to get hit half as many times as there are exterminators [10 exterminators- 5 shots to kill the alien]. Anyone the Alien shoots becomes infected with an infant alien, they remove their arm band is then on the alienís team. One shot puts an infant alien away.

Down Pilot- designate a pilot; send them out alone in the field. Two minutes later send out the Iraqis to finish the job. One minute after that you send out the rangers the help the pilot get back. Object the pilot has to get back to base. Note: the Iraqis can not speak English.

Predator- you designate a Predator, everyone else is an Exterminator. The Predator has to get hit between the belt and collar on the torso half, as many times as there are players.

Civil War- two even teams, line up across the open field. Take one shot take two steps forward, repeat till one team is gone. Variations- 1] If you get hit in the extremities you will be wounded and can not use that part of your body. One torso shot and you are gone. 2] You can have one person against everyone. That single person isnít eliminated no matter how many times theyíre hit, until itís down to one on one. Then the last one left wins.

President and Assassins- designate a President then he gets to pick out a third of the players to be the Secret Service, the rest are Assassins. Itís election time and the president has to go to all campaign stops, ask for votes, and get back to the poles it time to be re-elected. The Assassins work for the opposition and donít want him to win. Recommended time limit 10-20 minutes.

Resurrection - two even teams start from their stations. When a player is eliminated he goes back to his staring station and tags back in. He has a 3-second head start before he can get shot again. Recommended time limit 4-12 minutes.

Beach Head II- players go into the bunkers where they have to stay and defend their beach from invasion. The other players load into the LSTs with the doors closed. When they are ready the doors open and the invasion force tries to take the beachhead. If an invader is hit they can return into the LST and re-enter as reinforcements. To limit the game the invader can have a limit to how many times they re-enter. Recommended time limit 4-12 minutes.