Group Outings

What is a Group Outing?

It's a group that wants to play paintball, and they are looking for a private party thing, where they would play amongst themselves, and get their own dedicated referees.

We can schedule parties for groups of people anytime of the year, and any time of the day or night. We generally schedule 3-1/2 hour time slots for Group Outings [people usually can't handle more]. The costs vary depending on the number of Rental Package players [players needing to rent equipment].

You can't go wrong with a private birthday, bachelor, or company paintball party. Play your hearts out, then refill your tank at Mercer T's Restaurant/Pub, in Clyman, on one of their Colossal "Mercer Burgers". NOTE: To protect new players from the issues involving someone carrying on old "hard" paintballs, all private party players must shoot paintballs supplied fresh by Jungle Cat. We do offer a limited number of Carry On Paint days.

What Qualifies as a Group Outing?

Because we have to provide referees for every group, and parties generally rent equipment, we based our cost recovery on Rental Packages. If you have a small group or moderate sized group our costs are the same, so in order to meet our costs we require a minimum of 8 Rental Package players. For smaller groups we suggest the Walk On Play times however, circumstances do exit with a large number of players that have their own equipment ... where we can cover our costs, so feel free to call for a quote.

Large Group Discounts

A large group is considered 20 Rental Package players. With that many, the rental players will receive a 10% discount. Groups with over 30 Rental Packages please request a quote.

How do I set up a Group Outing?

Call us at (262) 719-4237 between 12pm & 9pm and we will schedule a time and date for you. Saturdays are prime days. WE run 3 time slots 9am-12:30pm; 1pm-4:30pm; and 4:30pm-8pm. We do have light fields so evenings are not a problem.

Who Can play?

Old and young. At Jungle Cat Paintball we have a Ten Year old age limit for players. Their parents will have to fill out the Youth Waiver before we will allow them to play. For large groups of under 14 year olds we would like to know ahead of time as to add more staff for caution's sake.

How are games played?

You will play multiple paintball games in your allotted time. During a game if you get hit by a paintball and it breaks, you will call yourself "Out!" go to the sidelines [keeping your safety equipment on] and watch everyone else finish the game. Games last less than 15 minutes so that people are not sitting on the sidelines waiting too long. There is a list of popular Game Formats that people have played throughout the years. We are always open to suggestions and our certified personnel are able to make a determination of it's merit so feel free to ask.