Scenarios 2012

If you desire organized Combat and Destruction than JCP's Scenarios are your thing.  Big games can be chaotic and frustrating where the real winner is the guys selling you paintballs. We don't do big games, and we let you bring your own paintballs.  We focus on giving the player the fairest game possible.   Most Missions in the Combat Mission Challenges have a staffer for each player. You can buy paintballs anywhere and woods are everywhere- get premium service here.

Combat Mission Challenge  July 22th

The Combat Mission Challenge is the ultimate for competitive woods/scenario players. This unique format, with a clear cut winner taking home a rugged “Combat” trophy, tests the steel of all involved. We are the originators and authority for this format and use our decades of experience to keep producing the perfect missions.  Nobody has anything to match this. If you know how to play in the woods, have a competitive nature, combat smarts, and a paintball gun that works; you can see where you rank among the best woods players in the Combat Mission Challenge.   

There will be 4 missions, Operation Switch Blade, Hound Dog, Snake  in the Grass,  and Blew Smoke.

All these missions will be accented with our legendary background combat noises, mood setting music, cover smoke and creative “pyrotechnics”. 

If you do not have a full 3 man team,  recruits will be assigned, and you will complete your objective.

Command center opens at 1000 hours.

Mission Briefings begins at 1200 hours.  

Register by phone before we limit space- first come first served.  

$120 per Team,  Includes air for 3 and 3 Cases of Paint

Teams are allowed 1 alternate.

 CMC Video  

 Border Wars

Mexico vs Tejanos/America

Cost Includes 2000 Balls!

An Old School Historic Scenario.  The story starts in 1810 and was printed in the history books.   Here are the copied pages.   We will cover from Mexico's Independence from Spain; through Mexico's official homestead rules of Americans to settle then remote Texas and Texas's War of Independence and the rejection of Mexico's rule.  The Mexican/American War to the present day conditions today. 

Ever hear of The Alamo?  How about the Battles of Goliad and San Jacinto?  How about the first major amphibious landing by U.S. forces in history?  The occupation of Mexcio City? How about Columbus New Mexico or Francisco Villa.  Paso Del Norte?

Each team will have a commander and a list of objectives to complete for points.  You must pre-register and we will assign you a team and get your info to your commander.   We will give you team preference if you ask but rarely do teams end up even naturally.  We will move people if necessary 

We will use life badges to keep track of every elimination, clear cut balanced objectives, and active reffing to assure the fairest game possible. 

When:  June 17th  10am - 5:00pm  MOVED TO SEPT 16TH

Cost: Includes!

1 Case of Paintballs - All Fees - All Day Air   for Forty-five dollars

Register by: June 13th 12noon  Call 262 719-4237