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Jungle Cat Paintball actually grew out of the Jungle Cats' Team - we needed a place to play!  In the 1980s a group of men, and women would get together weekly and play paintball around the ranch, and sawmill.  They were spurred on by their colorful friend- the WWII vet “Jungle Cat”.  Hence the name was born.   When he passed on another picked up the torch and continued to organize games.  By the late 80s there were 70+ Jungle Cats from Chicago to the Twin Cities and every week we had 20 players showing up and practicing. 

There were other groups around that would get together and play in their own backwoods all over WI, and MN.   The Jungle Cats are always up for a challenge.  If a Jungle Cat was going to travel they certainly were not travelling to loose.  The Jungle Cats then like now had professional athletes on their team and knew the commitment it took to win. 


Team vs Group

There is a difference between a Group and a Team.  By definition:  “A group is individuals coming together with common interests.  A team is a group of people working together towards a common goal.   A group is not necessarily a team. A group can have individuals with varied interests, attitudes as well as thought processes. " (Team Technology, 1995-2006)



Spec Ops, Badger Brigades, SAS

Boom, Team Siege, Jungle Cats

Have a Specific Image

Have Specific Goals

Charge to be a Member

Earn their place with Effort and Commitment

Have Mottos

Have Mission Statements

Participation Recognition

Benchmarks of Performance

Look for Volunteers

Assign Responsibility

Discard Image Problems

Are strong enough to fix problems

Sponsors and Benefits are the Goal

Refuse many Sponsorships - they interfere with Goals

Described as Friends

Described as Family

First instinct is look like somebody

First instinct is act like a team


Jungle Cat Travel and Practice Squads

We have players who are Professional and play every week; and then players who are not sure or can not afford the time to take the game to the pro-level.   We have a system to deal with this.

Being on the Traveling Squad is tough.  Your time commitment is huge [3-4 days a wk] and you have Coordinator responsibility.  You are also required to teach in camps; referee events; support the sponsors.   These people are easily identified when standing in the mix.  

Practice Squad players have less than half the time commitment.  They get to: travel, and play in all the events, practice and do the other things with the Travel Squad.  In events we mix the TS and PS players together for even teams.  Practice Squad players get sponsored at the JCP, they only have to pay their way in events.


What the Jungle Cats are About

First off the Jungle Cats believe the Paintball player has been abused by marketing firms trying hard to keep their clients in business in tough times.  They've been focusing and promoting the shooting part of the game, to make money selling paintballs.  "This is a shooting sport so shooting more will make you better and you can buy it here..." 

The Jungle Cats are here to win with less expense.  “Spend less- be the best” is our rally cry.  Most of our team uses mechanicals.  Our Jerseys cost under $20- on purpose.  We win with ¼ the expense the other guys loose with.  Substance is our style.

On any field we are a force to be reckoned with.   We train hard all year long to do so. Though the real wins come by honoring the referees and other player's hard work; we call ourselves out; not making the ref make the call; never overshooting; never cheating; never arguing...  if you play enough events over a year the calls even out.   That’s how a professional looks at it.


What We Do

Paintball game types are cyclitic [about 6yrs] and when you have been a serious paintball team for 30yrs you learn to understand paintball is paintball on any field.   People tend to condemn what they do not understand- say things like “sure you can beat me on a speedball field but in the woods I will own you”.   Don’t kid yourself if you are not good enough to win on a concept field being in the woods won’t matter.   When the Jungle Cats show some place new for a speedball tourney they are pegged as a woodsball team- in the woods a speedball team.  It’s all just paintball and if you want to be a professional, quit spending your money on equipment and spend it on practice.


Scenario Play became a prominent part of paintball again a few years ago.  The JCs are no stranger to the game.  Unfortunately for the woodsball groups, the Jungle Cat’s teamwork and techniques works on any field.


Tournament Speedball is a fun game where you can really get to be friends with everyone you play against.  The Jungle Cats play open class tourneys throughout the Midwest.  They prefer the NPPL's strick reffing style but they will play any good event.  The Commando Tourneys reffed by BOOM, and the Seige Tourneys reffed by Team Seige are our WI favorites. 

Community Service

Community Service is natural for the strong characters we have on the Jungle Cats.  As a free service every year we put up airfields at festivals; community centers; and sports shows; and raise thousands for charities.  We put on week long remote paintball schools at fraternal organizations like YMCAs including an onsite field to teach young people how to play and be winning people.  We benefit too- Teaching sparks innovation and comprehension.

Being a Jungle Cat is not just about dominating a sport.  Being a Jungle Cat means we are a positive part of the world around us.    “Live, Give, and Lead so others can become better.”



Practice is the key to getting better at anything.  We practice throughout the year.  We improve Communication, Movement, Team Timing, Read fields, Study film, Critique skills.  In the winter we reserve gym space and condition every week.  We meet weekly and talk, live, breath, paintball and team.


Team Resources

Team Buses

We will easily travel 8hrs to a good event so doing so takes some serious travelling equipment.  We own buses with beds tables and TVs in them.  We can finish an event at 5pm Sunday in Kentucky; get in the bus eat; sleep; and get home around 2am Monday.  We have 4 hrs of sleep already and are able to share our adventure at work Monday morning.

Field Sponsorship

It costs our players $5.00 for paint and air to practice at JCP.   We practice a lot. 

Corporate Sponsors

These change from year to year but we almost always keep two Equipment and Restaurant Chain Sponsors.

Team Structure

A team structure makes everything easier and more efficient with less work gettin' it going.  Coordinators for Purchasing, Practices, Events, Equipment, Travel, Scheduling… saves tons of time a single player has to put into the game. 


Our team consists of professionals from every walk of life: Professional Football players, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Sales, Military, Ministry, Construction, Automotive...   With 30ys and about 300 Jungle Cats to choose from there is at least one of everything that is more than willing to help a fellow Cat.



Our meetings and activities are never dull.  If you want to get a feel for how good a team is ask them what they do besides their sport.  We’ll take a bus on hunting/fishing trips; have movie/gaming nights; eat together every weekend; travel to sporting events etc.  Travel and support team mates in their other lives.    




If you want to be part of something real we will answer the phone 262 719-4237.  It’s up to you to answer the call.