Friendly Competition Tournaments


Jungle Cat Paintball has established a reputation for providing players with an environment for growth.  With 30+ years of experience paintball promotions we have a very unique vision of the paintball industry. 

“Spend less be the best!”

What Makes More Sense?

Spend $150 to have a questionable call or poor sportsmanship screw you out of a $350 gun.

Spend $60 to have more fun and get good enough to make sure there is no question who is the best?


You see that is our very unique vision of the industry- we are not in business selling the “paint”.  We sell THE OPPURTUNITY TO PLAY WITH THE BEST PEOPLE. 



  1. Best of 3 format- best team likely wins.
  2. Teams play more
  3. Fees and format more cost effective
  4. Carry on Paint
  5. Competitive for every style; at every level


  1. Teams will be placed in a bracket of 4 to 5 teams and you play each team 3 times a round.
  2. At least the top team in each bracket moves on to the next round.
  3. Sometimes the top two teams will move on to the next round pending total team counts in the division/tournament.

Win / Loss / Tie:

  1. All games are either a Win, Loss or Tie.
  2. To win a team must eliminate all of the opposing team and hang the flag.
  3. If the flag is not hung in the time limit, the game is considered a tie.


Game Times:

5 minutes for 5-Player
3 minutes for 3-Player


We will be using modified 2008 NPPL 5-player rules.  Most Penalties for violations will be an immediate loss.  Makes it easy to play.

Gun Rules:

  1. All electro guns must be set to semi-auto capped at 15bps.  No ramping. 
  2. Semi-autos max velocity is 280fps. Pumps are 300fps. [Pump Players get an edge? Why not?]


Carry on Paint Rules:

Carry on paint is allowed providing it passes the [posted] non-stain test, is PEG [Oil Free] Ecology Friendly and is sealed in factory boxes.  Cheap oily paint is hurting our environment.  The field reserves the right to disallow a paint at anytime.  Just make sure it's decent paint.

Coaching Rules:

No coaching/signaling allowed.  


Field Layouts- Like the Good Days!

Fields are designed with the back line breakout in mind.  The fields will promote old style bunker play, and player skill development other than the simple run through games.    You will need field awareness, and timing ["woodsmarts"].  Simple techniques can slow the game down, so plays and strategies can develop, and every player can grow at any experience level.  

The layouts will be posted on our site.   We believe in fair competition, so the fields will not setup prior to the tournament.  It is not fair to let the locals practice on the

We will combine the best of the XBall and NPPL fields on a mega field typical of the old 10 player fields.  They will be busy with lots of hiding spots.  Ties will occur with new players able to hold out till time expires- by design.  This will keep new teams on the field log enough to learn and make experienced players need more than a good breakout to win the game.


Teams will receive a Trophy and entrance fees for an upcoming tourney.

Sportsmanship Award

The best sportspeople get:

  1. Their entrance fee returned
  2. Case of paint and entrance at another tourney.



April 22 3 Player
May 20 3 Player
June 24th 3 Player
July 15th 3 Player
Aug 5th  3 Player
 Sept 9th

3 Player

Open 11:15 walk thru  Capt Meet 11:45 

Pre- register required 2 days before


3 Player $60 per team air included

5 Player $100 per team air included