Truths about Paintball Marketing and Operations:

What They Think They Have to Do to Survive

Make the customer buy cheap, hard, paint for the following reasons:

  1. You have a hard time hitting your target so you shoot more $$$.

  2. When you hit your target it doesn't break so you shoot more $$$.

  3. The customer will perceive value because the paint is low priced so they can shoot more for their $. 

  4. The customer will perceive higher quality because hard balls break less in the guns.

  5. You can shoot at maximum speeds without breaking paint in the guns adding to perceived value.

  6. Keep paint longer without adverse affects- can buy in higher volumes.

Arrange barriers far apart for the following reasons:

  1. Maximum speed doesn't hurt quite as bad at a distance.

  2. Harder to hit your target $$$.

  3. Keeps players from moving- shooting more $$$.


    What We Do- "Total Package Design"

      Shoot higher grades, of  fresh paint and set our barriers closer together to provide the private group customers:

    1. Less Pain

    2. More Real Value- You will shoot half as much paint.  

    3. More adrenaline filled games ["I shot you!" only lasts so long- sweet moves are everywhere].

    4. Most importantly-  the Desire to Play at our field again-  it's kept us in business for 15yrs.  Longer than almost anyone, all by word of mouth.. 

    Offer Carry On Paint games played separately from the private groups so we can offer games perfect for people who get paintballs as a gift.

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Field Fee 4.75
Carry on Paintball Surcharge when allowed   Carry on Paint Policy 9.49


Small Co2  under 13 oz 2.85
Large Co2 over 13 oz 3.80
Compressed Air 3000psi  [Note all day air available for 9.49 not or Co2] 2.85
Compressed Air 4500psi 4.75

PAINTBALLS  Premium Grade

500 ct 18.95
2000 ct 56.88


Includes: Fees, automatic gun, mask and extra gas propellant [you may purchase more paint]

500 Ball Rental Package 42.69
Sunday Special  for 4-  includes equipment for 4 and 1000 paintballs to share 118.49


Carry on Paint and Air included    details 18.95


Players with their own equipment have the following options;

  1. Use their own paintballs pay- Field Fee, Carry On Paint Surcharge, and Gas Fees for Walk On Play and Practices.  You can no longer use Carry On Paint during group outings or private parties.

  2. Use  our Quality paint pay the Field Fee, and Gas Fees; for either Walk On Play or the Group Outing they are with.  Note: we no longer allow anyone in a Group Outing to use their own paintballs.  This protects the customer from the effects of cheap, old, or poorly stored paintballs.

Players that need to rent equipment

RENTAL PACKAGES are designed to eliminate the confusion for the party planner. We don't want you to be embarrassed by unmentioned surprises or extra costs. Rental packages are complete packages. You will just need your clothing. The difference is the number of balls you get with the package. You can buy more balls if you need, gas is included with rentals.  Note: you can not use Carry On paint in our markers, or with private parties.

Prices subject to change without notice.